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Sreesha, Married with 2 kids, works in a corporate.

She is a well trained dancer. At some point in time in her life she wanted to switch over her career to what she was very passionate about, dancing. But financial commitment with respect to family and kids prevented her from even switching jobs. Whatever she was earning, she would spend it entirely on monthly family commitments. She was doing investments on a yearly basis only for the purpose of tax planning. She had no idea about Financial planning until she was introduced to HerAlpha.

Our Investment Advisers analysed her financial position to understand her goals and recommend a saving and investment plan based on her risk profile. She started using the HerAlpha app to plan her emergency needs. She was able to inculcate the habit of keeping aside some money for saving and further investment. Today she is very close to achieving her goal on her emergency corpus and she has also started planning for other goals.

"I am very happy that I got introduced to HerAlpha. Few months back I never knew the importance of having an emergency corpus. But now I am very close to reaching my goal for emergency planning. Will recommend the HerAlpha app for every women who wants to secure their future"


Reena, in her mid 20’s, unmarried.

She is currently working in a 12-13 hr work schedule in an IT company. She loves travel. She would like to explore as many places as possible with her friends and family. But with her very tight work schedule and non-affordable travel packages, she puts away her wanderlust. When she attended the HerFinance series of financial lessons provided by HerAlpha, she understood that she can have “Travel” as one of her financial goal and work towards it. She was so excited.

Our investment adviser took a check on her financial status and understood her needs to come up with an investment plan for her travel goal. She has started saving and investing diligently to attain her goal.

"The HerFinance session was an eye opener for me. Never took planning for my future very seriously. I was made aware that travel can be planned well financially. My financial needs for travel are being taken care now, I just need to adjust my work schedule to pursue with my wanderlust"


Rani, a middle aged women , a child care taker now.

She has been doing odd jobs from being a domestic help to working in factories to make the ends meet. Her dream was to bring up her only daughter and settle her. Her husband wasn’t any good in shouldering the responsibilities. She did it all alone. They say man proposes and god disposes which happened in her life too. She lost her daughter and husband in a year apart. She was devastated and depressed. But her life must go on. All she had was a house left by her husband which she sold. She had no clue about planning her finance until she met an investment adviser of HerAlpha through a reference.

Our adviser understood her needs , goals and her source of income. They also gauged her risk appetite and helped her plan for one of the most important goals in life – Retirement. Today she is a confident woman. Keeps herself busy with work and is financially well equipped and self sufficient to face the future.

"HerAlpha has changed my life. I need not worry about my financial wellness when I get old. The loss of my loved ones still haunts me but have moved on as I am financially secure and confident"

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